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Tracy Tralongo, Benefits Advisor  

The TRICARE Dental Program is Affordable and Comprehensive. It's the only dental insurance plan sponsored by the Department of Defense for National Guard and Reserve Members, National Guard and Reserve Family Members and Active Duty Family Members.

As your Dental Benefit Advisor I am available to answer any questions you have about the TRICARE Dental Program. In addition I will come to your unit to provide TDP benefit briefings and exhibit displays to National Guard and Reserve units, family support groups and any military audience desiring TDP information. You don't have to wait for your unit to be activated or for deployment orders to arrange for a briefing request. You can request these informational events by contacting me.

Tracy Tralongo - 860.436.4960.

Fax: 860.436.4962

E-mail: Tracy.Tralongo@ucci.com